Wednesday, 17 June 2015

What to try next?!

I am sitting here watching ' Julie & Julia' and it is giving me blogging/ baking inspiration... I have felt a bit rubbish lately as i havent blogged much.  As much as i love the baking sometimes other things get in the way... Plus i dont think my hubby appreciates the constant flow of cake in the kitchen as much as some would! Ha ha!

So... In thinking ' Whats next?' I've found a different recipe to add to the traybakes list 

looks like a nuce summer recipe and would be ideal to slice up and add to your picnic basket! ☀️

And Here's another i found.. My boy's would love this! Malteser slice 🙊

And finally... This ones for a dessert but i had to add it, similar to the meringue nest pavlova i did at easter but this is more of a summer version.  I think i shall serve it after lunch on fathers day :))

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