Sunday, 28 May 2017

Traybake Recipe

Mary Berry- Lemon drizzle,  This one was a hit at my cake sale it sold out completely!

For some reason i can't find the link to the other recipes so i shall have  to take a photo of my written down one and upload it next time i'm on here!

I am mostly uploading to my facebook page:

This one's dedicated to lotus/Biscoff!

This post is solely dedicated to the lusciousness that is Lotus/Biscoff! 

Whilst browsing the internet and pinterest for things to bake with the biscoff spread or biscuits incorporated i decided upon baking these: 

This one is a vanilla cupcake with a little biscoff spread mixed in and then a slight amount of it over the top with a biscuit on the top....So yummy!

This is a vanilla traybake (Mary Berry recipe- never fails) With melted chocolate on the top and crushed biscoff biscuits...Very moreish indeed.  You cant just have one slice!!

I think i will put the basic traybake recipe up because it is so versatile :)

Sunday, 5 March 2017

My first cake stall...Check!

Hi all :)

Thought I would write a little post about my first cake stall I did at the end of last month, it was at a psychic soul event.  I was rather nervous as obviously this was unknown territory for me but at the same time rather excited!

I pretty much baked the whole day and into midnight the night before and then again in the morning...I have never done so much washing up in my life :( Defo need a dishwasher!

I took my eldest with me and he loved being there and helping out, He was so good.  On the stall I had a selection of traybakes, cookies, chocolate bark, cupcakes, carrot cake, chocolate cake and marshmallow treats. 

By doing this I realised I definitely don't need to bake soooo much for the next one! I hope there is a next one!

Monday, 13 February 2017

Unicorn Iced cupcakes

This was my first go at unicorn cupcakes made with a vanilla cupcake and coloured vanilla buttercream.  I made these for a school cake sale and they were so pretty I shall be making them again for another upcoming cake sale!

 I also made us some unicorn butterfly cakes for home!!

I need to try a massive multi coloured unicorn cake next!!

Sunday, 15 January 2017


😊So... It's been a while, the blogger app seems to have disappeared so that makes it a tad more difficult to upload my baking pics!

Here are my latest Bakes :)
Vanilla traybake

Chocolate madeira birthday cake

Marble loaf cake

Chocolate bark

Dairy free Birthday cake- Victoria sponge

Triple layer chocolate and toffee cake

Chocolate cake with Nutella frosting

Lemon Brownies

White chocolate and raspberry cheesecake

Cowboy cookies

I update my facebook page more regularly, you can find me @emmacupcakesandbakes  

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Valentines... A secret inside

I I Today i've whipped up these secret heart cupcakes.

I used the vanilla cupcake recipe from lauren conrad's blog and i added some cocoa along with a dash of red colouring in the heart cake mix.

I topped them with white chocolate and strawberry buttercream... I went with a simple top!
Can you find the heart inside?!

Some of these are going to school tomorrow for my son's bake sale... The rest will stay here 😘

Friday, 5 February 2016

Chocolate cowgirl cookies

I had some help from my littlest boy tonight to bake some chocolate cowgirl cookies. They are the same as the ones we made for santa except ive added in some cocoa to make them delish and chocolatey! 

If youve read this blog then by now you will know i LOVE to bake anything chocolate :)

Yummers! 😍